Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fantastic Fives With Hot Paranormal Romance Author Sierra Dafoe

Fantastic Fives on Sierra Dafoe

Five phrases or words that describe you:

creative (well, that's the nice word for it, anyway! I've heard 'crazy' a few times :)

Five people and/or things that inspire you:

my son
my electric bills (very good motivator!)
my dog
the sound of the wind!

Five of your favorite authors are:

Stephen King
Angela Knight
Teresa Medeiros
Patricia McKillip
Stephen Donaldson

Describe five of your heroes/heroines of your books in your eyes

Problem is, every time I start doing this part, I start thinking about them... and then forget what I was supposed to be doing!

Okay, let's talk about Sean. Sean's the love interest in Sex and the Single Werewolf, and I am totally gone on him. He's gorgeous :) Curly jet-black hair, the kind of dark blue eyes that make you think of midnight skies and deep, deep oceans. Oceans you could drown in... yum! Plus he's not shy, but earnest -- he doesn't fall in love easily, and when he does, that's it. He's very determined. And he's got a great sense of humor!

Then, of course, there's my pleasure slaves from the Devarian books, Merkun and Kantou. Merkun's in Devarian Pleasure-Slave, the 'first' (chronologically) of the Devarian stories. Sensual and stunningly handsome, he nevertheless has a deep rebeliious streak in him -- and is incredibly good in bed :) So good, in fact, he's eventually freed by his owner, the Regent of Porto, and goes on to train the best pleasure-slaves in the galaxy. And the best of these is Kantou. Breathtakingly gorgeous, with long, shimmering, ash-brown hair, Kantou is a natural submissive -- but when he finds the woman he wants, he's absolutely determined to win her love. The love affair between Solyela Devarian and Kantou sparks a rebellion throughout the Nine-Star League, as Soleyla fights to free her beloved Kantou. It's a big story (in fact, it covers the entire trilogy, Exile, Uprising, and Revolution) and a lot of fun!

Then there's my dragons. I couldn't possibly skip my two dragon lords, Darrek and Rand. In The Dragon's Daughter, the two of them, heirs of the two most powerful clans in Djarera, the dragon kingdom, are sent to Earth to find and woo Lara, the princess who's been hidden there all her life. The one who wins her becomes heir to the throne of Djarera. The other will be condemned to banishment.

Rand and Darrek are polar opposites -- Darrek is dark, lean, intense, arrogant. Rand is huge, loyal, kindhearted, and giving. Both are absolutely edible -- poor Lara! How's she ever going to choose? (may we all have such problems, LOL!)

Five reasons to read your books:

Oh my! Let's see:
1) the heroes are yummy
2) they're hot
3) I write cool characters
4) I've never had anyone complain they're boring
5) because if people don't read my books, I starve? Hee!

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Shea said...

I'd have to agree that the electric bill is a good motivater!

I can see I'll have to add you to my TBB list.

Uh-oh, the PayPal account is screaming again...

Fun answers Sierra!

Desirée Lee said...

1) the heroes are yummy

YES! They certainly are!!

2) they're hot

No doubt about that. I want Darrek. And Kantou. And Rand. And Merkun. Oh hell I want all of Sierra's male characters. They're all so delectable.

3) I write cool characters

Heck yeah. Amista is a cool chick actually. She's tough but fair.

4) I've never had anyone complain they're boring

I don't think you ever will hear that complaint Sierra. Your books are ones that I have to read straight through without a break because I don't want to put it down.

5) because if people don't read my books, I starve? Hee!

Perish the thought! All contribute to the Feed Sierra Fund! Buy her books!

Sierra said...

LOL, Desiree! Thanks so much! And Shea, it's sad but totally true -- there are days where I stare at it to get me behind the laptop and typing. Funny thing is, once I GET myself there, I invariably never want to stop... Thanks so much for giving me a try!

Danette, you ROCK! :p

danetteb said...

Shea and Desiree lee,
Thank you for stopping by I'm glad you liked the interview.

You're a great author,I'm glad I got this chance to pick your brain,I can't wait to start reading Sex and the Single's going to be a beautiful weekend.*g*

Rae L. said...

Ooh! I'm intrigued! I loved the fun feel of the interview and now I'm interested in the books cause I love cool character and especially hot heroes hehe.