Friday, September 21, 2007

Fantastic Fives on Sedonia Guillone

Five words/and or phrases that describe you:
1. Organized

2. Geeky

3. Oversexed

4. Earthy

5. Devoted

Five people and/or things that inspire you:

1. Most of all my boyfriend of 12 years, Mitch. He inspires all my books.

2. Watching the films of Akira Kurosawa, especially the ones with Toshiro Mifune in them

3. The landscape of Downeast Maine

4. Jet Li

5. Love

Five of your favorite authors:

1. Jade Lee (I love her Tigress series. A major inspiration for much of my writing. Also, I love the way Jade really isn't afraid to dig down deep into her characters and show them in all their beauty and ugliness. Makes erotic romance rise to the next level)

2. Ruth Axtell Morren (Who is also my critique partner) Although Ruth writes Inspirationals and I don't normally read them, I love her books for the same reason I love Jade's - the depth. 3. Saul Bellow - Just one of the best writers who ever lived. Henderson the Rain King is my favorite book of all time. Full of joy and beautiful language.

4. Laura Baumbach - Hot m/m stuff and just raw power in her writing. Leaves me breathless!

5. Ursula K. LeGuin - also beauty of language, depth of characters and inspired me to want to write in the fantasy genre (Heart of a Sorceress coming to Ellora's Cave) I adore the Earthsea books.

Describe five of your heroes/heroines through your eyes:

1. Ryu from the upcoming Men of Phuket: Tongue-Thai'd (Total-E-Bound) My favorite of my heroes because he's adorable, complex, sexy and not afraid of his heart

2. Tenzin from Ace in the Hole - beautiful, loyal, sensuous, a loving companion

3. Lily also from Ace in the Hole - beautiful and good, works so hard to overcome fear and to trust when she's been so hurt

4. Danny from Tao of Love: Danny's Dragon (Loose Id) - he's loyal and sweet with big soft eyes

5. Both heroes from A Man for Michael (Ellora's Cave)

Five reasons to read your books:

1. They have hot sex in them. Lots of it.

2. The guys are delicious and gorgeous and loveable.

3. They have hot sex in them. Did I already say that?

4. My royalties pay my bills. Thank you for your support.

5. I wrote out my heart, soul and fantasies and hope that people will share and enjoy them.

Sedonia Guillone
Spicy M/F and M/M erotic romance!

Extra!Extra! Sedonia is giving away a book from her backlist(winner's choice)Ask questions and leave some happy comments.


danetteb said...

Hi Sedonia,
I enjoyed your fantstic fives. I've got Jet Li stuck in my mind now, I love watching him in action.

Is there any genre that you haven't done, that you would like to?

Hugs, Danette

Amanda Ashby said...

Oh, The Earthsea Trilogy is one of my fav books ever (not so keen on the other 2 though which is why I still think of it as a trilogy!!!!). Great interview, btw!!

readingissomuchfun said...

Hello Danette,

I am glad you invited me here. It was a pleasure to learn more about Sedonia. I went and visit her site. Her books look good.

What a fabulous Fantastic Five. Love the questions and I enjoyed Sedonia's answers to them.

Q1: Sedonia, How does your family feel about having a writer in the family? Do any of them read your books?

Q2: As a writer what was the most valuable advice giving to you?

Q3: What do you hope reader's get out of reading one of your books?

Q4: Out of all your books you have availabe which one is your favorite & which one was the hardest to write?


Sedonia said...

Hie veryone - thanks for reading and commenting. *grin* I appreciate the support! To answer Danette's question: There isn't a genre that comes to mind, assuming you mean another subgenre of erotic romance. I've covered so many, menage a trois, m/m, fantasy, paranormal, contemp. suspense, historical (and any combination of the above) at this point I can't even think of one. lol. My favorite to write in, I'm finding right now is m/m contemporary.

Sedonia said...

Here are my answers to Linda's questions:
1. Overall, my family likes that I write. My real fan in my family of origin is my dad. He reads a lot of my m/m books - likes 'em because he's gay. He tells me he skips the sex scenes because I wrote them, but we both know he doesn't really. lol. My larger family of friends all are very supportive and my boyfriend gives me titles for books, including Ace in the Hole (Loose ID) and Men of Phuket: Tongue Thai'd (Coming in a couple of weeks from Total E-Bound).
2. The most valuable advice I've received comes from a couple of places. My boyfriend tells me to write and not be driven with it, just enjoy it. Sounds simple, but not easy when you start worrying about promoting your work and polishing and getting it published. That's why it's such valuable advice - keeps perspective. As far as the actual craft of writing, my editors, critique partner, and reviewers have been so helpful in pointing out areas where I tell instead of show, make awkward transitions that can be developed and give more character depth, and show me where Point of View gets messed up. Also, the best writing instruction from a book has been "Self-Editing for Fiction Writers" that my critique partner said I must read. It revolutionized my writing.
3. I hope that readers of my books just have an enjoyable reading experience and feel that my stories are ones they remember and want to read more of.
4. Of all my books, I actually have several favorites: Ace in the Hole (Loose Id), A Man for Michael (Ellora's Cave), Tao of Love: Danny's Dragon (Loose ID), and the upcoming Men of Phuket: Tongue Thai'd (Total-E-Bound). The most difficult to write are the Beautiful Samurai books- His Beautiful Samurai (Torquere Press) and Beautiful Samurai, White Tiger (Coming next week to Torquere Press). They were the most difficult because they're myster/suspense which is very complex to write and also have multi-layer stories going on inside one story taking place in a culture and city (Tokyo) that is so vastly different from my own culture and a place I've never actually been to. Several times while writing both books I kept saying to my editor that I really bit off more than I could chew with these. But I learned so much and the final products have been so gratifying. His Beautiful Samurai is required reading for a gay/lesbian literature course in a college in California this semester. That was so exciting!

readingissomuchfun said...

Thanks so much Sedonia for answering my questions. Great answers :) I think it's very cool your boyfriend help you with titles for your books :)


Shelley Munro said...

Great interview. What's not to like about books with hot sex in them? ;-)

I have to agree about Laura Baumbach. She writes such emotionally intense books. I just love A Bit of Rough.

Sedonia said...

Linda - You're welcome. Thanks so much for your interest!

Shelley - Thanks! I enjoyed A Bit of Rough also. It left me quite breathless. But my favorite is Out There in the Night about skinwalkers. Really great read. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves m/m.

readingissomuchfun said...

You are welcome Sedonia & Thank You. It's a pleasure to meet a new to me author. I look forward to reading your books :)


Cherie J said...

Great Fantastic Fives! I love the variety of authors you read. I enjoy Ruth Axtell Morren's work as well. I love a variety of plots and genres. I tend to read not because of the degree of heat in a book but rather because of the depth of the author's writing. You summed that up so well. I have a question. What kind of reaearch do you do for your books?

Sedonia said...

Hi Cherie! Thanks for joining in. I agree wholeheartedly with you about the depth of the story. I generally like lots of erotica mixed in with a deep plot and characterization, but I'm with you also in that if the story is deep and engaging, the heat level doesn't have to be so high. As far as research, primarily I get a lot of my information on the Internet, then I use books and films and when I can, personal knowledge of a subject. Alas, there are portions of the erotic stuff where I must rely on my imagination. *sigh*

Ann Aguirre said...

I've been meaning to try some Jade Lee. Neat interview!

Sedonia said...

Hi Ann - Jade is a wonderful writer. I highly recommend her Tigress series. She's got a Blaze coming out soon and I can't wait to read that too. Thanks for reading my interview. Sedonia