Thursday, January 31, 2008

And the Winner Is...

My daughter picked a number from Karen's comments and the winner of Cosmic Sex is....


Congratulations Crystal! Please send your snail mail to Karen, kkelley @ (without spaces)

Come Celebrate With Me

My birthday is Febrary 22nd, so I'm going to celebrate with guest authors and contests. There will be one to two authors each week. Check the guest list on the side bar and please come join in on the fun.

To start this party off, tomorrow my special guest is

Dakota Cassidy.

Her book,

The Accidental Werewolf releases next Tuesday Feb.5th.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Please Welcome Author Karen Kelley

Five words and/or phrases that describe you:

gullible (yes, I'm the person you talk to about the swamp land you'd like to dump), and a dreamer.

Five people and or things that inspire you:
Janis Joplin, Tina Turner--singers with strong voices. I love to be able to write a fraction of the way they sing. Oh, and Enrique Iglesias---he just inspires the hell out of me.
My husband. I see a man who took the dis out of disability, and one who still loves me after all these years.
Reading. I love reading all genres. Books inspire me to create.
Watching a really good comedy or romance on TV.
Deadlines--it means I have to get my butt in gear if I want to keep doing what I'm doing!

Five of your favorite authors:
Sharon Sala,

Libba Bray,
Kathleen E. Woodiwiss,
Judith McNaught,
Sandra Brown--wow, only five?

Describe five of your heroes/heroines through your eyes:
Hell On Wheels: Josh is an ex-cop turned bounty hunter. He's really cool, but Cody keeps him on his toes. She's a bounty hunter, too and can kick ass with the best of them.

Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind:
Wade is a small town Sheriff who doesn't believe in aliens or ufo's. Mala is an alien who tries to convince him otherwise. Oh, and she becomes addicted to sex and chocolate, but I wouldn't hold that against her. (This is my first book in the planet Nerak series)

Double Dating With The Dead:
She's a psychic, he's a skeptic and they get stuck staying in a vacant hotel with two sex-starved ghosts as they each try to prove the other wrong. They're both very stubborn, and the ghosts are so mischievous! Shame on them!

Cosmic Sex:
This is the second book in my planet Nerak series: Kia has come to Earth in search of her cousin Mala, but gets off course and screws up Nick's undercover bust. She's a warrior who's never fought a war so a barroom brawl is pretty exciting. Maybe she'll stick around and check things out. It's purely research (yeah, right).

The Bad Boys Guide To The Galaxy:
Third book in the planet Nerak series: Lara is a healer and holds a very exalted position on the planet Nerak. Sam doesn't do exalted, but after a lot of begging and pleading, he does agree to help Kia's sister find the cure for the Elder.

Five reasons to read your books:
I love writing, and I hope it comes across in my books.
They're funny--more so my 2007-2008 books
They're very sexy
They have a good storyline
I always have a happily ever after

Extra!Extra! One lucky commenter will receive a copy of Cosmic Sex. Have you had a cosmic experience?

Cosmic Sex by Karen Kelley

Cosmic Sex By Karen Kelley
The truth is way out there…Kia can’t imagine why her cousin Mala left planet Nerak - utterly perfect in an ever-so-slightly boring kind of way - to go in search of Earth men. At least, not until she meets a virile, muscular human intent on rescuing her (how quaint!) from a bar brawl. And while at first Kia just wants undercover cop Nick Scericino to help locate her cousin...well, it would be a shame to come all this way without finding out whether everything really is bigger in Texas...
Nick knows trouble when he sees it. And right now, trouble is sitting at the bar - black-clad, sexy as hell, and about to mess up his sting operation to take down some Russian mobsters. Could she have mafia connections? Kia’s certainly not like any woman he’s known - flat out demanding sex, and following through with a sensational romp that leaves his mind blown and world rocked. Other options: a) she’s crazy, or b) she’s not kidding about being an alien. In which case, he’s in even deeper trouble. Because the only thing worse than falling wildly in lust with someone who’s not playing with a full holodeck is the thought that she’ll soon be leaving for a galaxy far, far away...
For a sneak peek and buy info go here

Monday, January 28, 2008

Grimspace Contest,Join In The Fun!

My Quiz on

The official GRIMSPACE quiz*

Can you Ace my quiz?
Let's Find Out!

Visit Annie's site for more contest info

The official GRIMSPACE quiz

Your Result: Mechanic
So you're not book smart. Big deal! You always had a knack with technical stuff and you can fix just about anything you turn your hand to. The others think they're important aboard ship, but you know the truth. They wouldn't be going anywhere without you. They'd just be a bunch of grounded mudsiders! You sometimes argue with the pilot, who thinks he's the boss of you, and the ship's doc is just a little too much martyr. And you're not crazy about the hotshot navigator either. In fact, you're something of a curmudgeon. On the surface, it might seem like you don't like anyone, but the fact is, you have a soft heart. Shh, don't tell anyone. It would totally ruin your rep.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kiss Color

I saw this quiz on MMC and thought I'd share my kiss color too. Muah

Your Kiss is Orange

For you, kissing is all about pushing the envelope. You're a wild kisser.
And you don't have to know someone all that well to kiss them.
(You figure that's how you'll get to know one another!)
While you may be impulsive with who you kiss, there's nothing random about your kissing technique.

Kissing Type: Unconventional

People See Your Kisses as: Intoxicating

You Kiss Best With: A Red Kisser

Stay away from: A Pink Kisser

Friday, January 25, 2008

Please Welcome Debut Author,Selena Illyria

The Journey to Becoming Published
By Selena Illyria

I believe it was Eleanor Roosevelt that said, "Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.". Being published is a by-product not a goal for me. As a writer, it is nice to be published, to have that tool to reach so many readers, sharing the world I created with them, but it is not why I write. I just love to write. Once I decided to become a writer, my world shifted and worlds opened up to me that I never thought possible. Now, I can't get those worlds or the characters found therein to shut up and let me think.

It's bad enough to have ideas on my own, but it's even worse to toss around ideas with my CPs Celia Kyle and Shara Cooper. They enable me and encourage me, but they are not the only ones. I started off writing fan-fiction, than tried my hand at writing my own stories. If not for the encouragement of my friend and fellow author Eve Vaughn, I wouldn't have dared to try writing Erotica. Once I started I couldn't be stopped. I found myself thinking of new story lines and new characters. But during that time I never thought I could be published, I didn't think my work was good enough compared to say Eve Vaughn, Marilyn Lee, Celia Kyle and Shara Cooper. As time went on my confidence in my writing grew. I started to love the characters and worlds I had come to create. I thought of being published, looked at the submissions guides but I was still unsure if my work was good enough.

As time went by and I started to finish more and more stories, the thought of being published become more than a passing thought. I contemplated which of my stories I could submit and which ones needed more work or thought. I finally chose one, had it beta read, edited and then sent it in. It was rejected. I was sad of course, but after looking it over I could see it needed more work. From the time I had submitted that story to the time I had found out it was rejected I had become a better author. I could now writer longer stories. I had also co-founded and contributed to the free story site The Pink Chair Diaries. That in and on its own helped improve my confidence in my writing greatly, also I was able to reach new people who discovered my work. After waiting a few months, writing a few more stories, I decided to try subbing again, this time with a new story. I was nervous, scared and worried that they wouldn't like it. During the waiting time I worked on more stories and kept on the lookout for that email that would tell me yea or nay. Finally I got a response back, they liked it. They wanted to contract it. I was overjoyed my brain couldn't process what had just happened. It happened so quickly, I signed the contract, sent it in and it all hit me, I am now a contracted author. In a few months I will be a published author. After months of hard work, after all the worrying, all the checking, me, Selena Illyria, will be a published author.

-- Dear Reader, Let Me Seduce You . . .

Selena Illyria Contributes to:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New and Upcoming Books

Friends Unlikely (Young Adult,Ebook @ Amira Press )
By Susan Smith Alvis

Five teenagers experience life's struggles when they discover one of their own is HIV Positive, while coming to terms with another friend’s Methamphetamine addiction. Through it all, they support one another and even though they’re from various backgrounds and cultures, they’re forever bound together by an unconditional love.

Heaving Bosoms (Now in Print @ Cerridwen, Amazon )
By Ashlyn Chase

What do tattooed butts, the Mafia and a medical student have in common? Tonia Fuller! Tonia, a blonde bombshell with a bust to make a Barbie doll weep, is a klutz. Wearing four-inch spike heels and already top-heavy, her center of gravity is elusive. When hunky medical student Raphael Beauchamp comes to her rescue twice, he thinks he knows why Tonia's falling. It's those ridiculous designer stilettos.

After Tonia's tumble down some stairs results in a nasty concussion and she has no one to stay with her, Raphael opts to look after this headstrong beauty. Raphael discovers that Tonia's the ex-wife of a Las Vegas Mafia don. She has half an offshore bank account number tattooed on her butt and someone's after her. A normal person would don a pair of running shoes and get the hell out of Boston. But it's too late for Raphael. Tonia's not the only one who's been falling.

The Undead Next Door (Love at Stake, Book 4)

Three signs that something is very different with your mew man:
1. He sleeps all day . . . which would be annoying except he's so attentive at night.
2. He's attacked by sword-wielding assailants, yet insists he can handle it on his own.
3. He never seems to age.

Heather Westfield has always lived a quiet life, but that all changes when she helps a very handsome, very mysterious stranger. There's something not quite right about Jean-Luc, but still, she's never been with a man so charming, so attractive . . . so wonderful. Now if only a murderous villain wasn't after them, they might get their happily-ever-after.

Demon Hunters, Inc.: See No Evil (eBook Changeling)
By Michele Bardsley

Four demons imprisoned for their sins. Let them go and chaos begins. Each has a gift you must gain. Only then will you break evil’s chain.
Angelica Mortis, the daughter of the legendary Maggie Mortis and the half-demon Raphael, is all grown-up. Angel owns and operates Demon Hunters, Inc. with her best friend Graddie. Business isn’t exactly bustling, but for the Mortis family, hunting demons isn’t just a job -- it’s a life-long calling.
An anonymous gift arrives at the office: a statue of four monkeys representing see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and do no evil. A cryptic poem warns them a very dangerous game is about to be played and the prize is a biggie: Ruling the four planes of existence.


Guess what swag Jackie Kessler will be bringing to RT, here

Rachel Vincent has an ARC contest going on here

The Bradford Bunch has a few contests going on this week here

Reading! My science book this week. I finished Night Season over the weekend, a great twist in the series, loved it.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back To The Grind

It's the first week of spring semester and all ready its taking away from my leisure reads. I'm taking an English and a Science this semester and have found out they're going to be intense for this lady. But I'm caught up on my homework so far so I'm up for the challenge. I'm going to try to get some blogs in between, so bare with me. Next month is my birthday so I've lined up a few awesome authors to share it with me. Check back,I'll be posting them soon.

A few Contests that are going on around the net.

An Aphrodisia Party going on at Jennifer's Random Musings

Gena Showalter has 3 sexy books to giveaway

Linda H. has Lori Devoti as her guest this week at Readingissomuchfun's Library

Nalini Singh has a blog contest going on for her upcoming release Mine To Posses

and Gemma Halliday is auctioning off some sexy men.

Currently reading Night Season by Eileen Wilks(Book 4 in the Lupi series)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Enchanting The Lady Is a Memorable Read

I received my copy of Enchanting the Lady yesterday,started reading it out of the package and finished it late last night. Kathryne's magical view of 1800's England blew me away. She brought me into a world where magic is all around, I'd love to see a carriage being pulled by beautiful unicorns and go to balls amazingly themed. All her characters came to life off the pages, the were-lion hero is as courageous a man as he is a lion and when you read about the his house servants you'll see what I'm saying about her vivid imagery. If you need a refreshing new author,go pick up this book. (IMHO)


In a world where magic ruled everything, Felicity Seymour couldn't perform even the simplest spell. If she didn't pass her testing,she'd lose her duchy- and any hope of marriage. But one man didn't seem to mind her lack of dowry: a darkly delicious baronet who had managed to scare away the rest of London's Society misses.

Sir Terrence Blackwell knew the enchanting woman before him wasn't entirely without magic. Not only could she completely disarm him with her gorgeous lavender eyes and frank candor, but his were-lion senses could smell a dark power on her- the same kind of relic- magic that killed his brother. Was she using it herself,or was it being used against her?

One needed a husband, and the other needed answers. But only together could they find the strongest magic of all: true love.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Recommending The Newest Mercedes Thompson Book

Iron Kissed By Patricia Briggs (Sci-Fi) (Book 3)
When her former boss and mentor is arrested for murder and left to rot behind bars by his own kind, it's up to shapeshifting car mechanic Mercy Thompson to clear his name, whether he wants her to or not. And she'll have to choose between the two werewolves in her life-whether she wants to or not.
I rarely go out of the romance genre, but this series is awesome. Patricia writes a fast paced
exciting adventure every time. Mercy is a fun character to read, she is always getting in and out of trouble in the most interesting ways.
I'm not sure how to go more into this book without giving up the story, but if anyone else reads it or has read it and wants to talk about it,feel free to in the comments,make sure to head it with SPOILER so everyone else knows .
For more info about the author and the series go to
or to get a copy go here

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fantastic Fives on Kathryne Kennedy

Five words and/or phrases that describe you:

I'm incredibly stubborn (which may be why I'm a published author). I still believe that
fairytales can come true (which is maybe why I write them). I'm loyal, sometimes too
honest, and a control freak (maybe another reason I'm a writer;}).

Five people and or things that inspire you:

My family, especially my youngest son, who loves to play ‘create a world’ with me.
My editor, who inspires me to write my best.
My readers, including reviewers, who always get me excited when they tell me they loved my book.
My writer friends, who provide a world of encouragement and support which makes me want to ‘just write’.
And those little two words: “What if…”

Five of your favorite authors:

This is a difficult list because I’m limited to five, and it’s always subject to change:
Julie Garwood,
Midori Snyder,
Wrede & Stevermer,
Robin McKinley
and Patricia Briggs.

Describe five of your heroes/heroines through your eyes:

Lady Felicity Seymour, the heroine in ENCHANTING THE LADY. She has no idea of her beauty because she’s grown up under a spell that makes people overlook her, which makes her incredibly modest, naïve and…feisty.

Sir Terence Blackwell, the hero in ENCHANTING THE LADY. A were-lion whose animal nature constantly imposes on his human self. He hides his too-generous heart beneath a worldly, suspicious exterior.

Lady Jasmina Karlyle, the heroine in DOUBLE ENCHANTMENT. A prim and proper Victorian lady who has an inner vixen that only a spell from one of Merlin’s relics can reveal.

Sir Sterling Thorn, the hero in DOUBLE ENCHANTMENT. Fiercely loyal and subject to his were-stallion temper, he doesn’t care what society thinks of him. He’s a man used to knowing what he wants, and only love can confuse him.

Mahri Zin, the heroine in BENEATH THE THIRTEEN MOONS, my very first novel. She’s wild and independent and her idea of a good time is fighting sea monsters and deadly rapids. The only man for her is one that doesn’t try to tame her and who’s just as hardheaded.

Five reasons to read your books:

I’m doing a little cheating here, because another writer, Tina LaVon, wrote a witty piece titled TOP TEN REASONS TO READ ENCHANTING THE LADY, and I’m using five of them here:

5. The characters come to life! Terence’s lion instincts, and at times his wild behavior,
will trigger your own animal magnetism as you root for him to win Felicity’s heart. Romance Reviews Today loved ENCHANTING THE LADY so much they gave it “a perfect 10.”

4. This treasure hunt can’t be missed! Merlin created powerful relics that everyone wants to get their greedy hands on. (If they truly are powerful, they will also be self-cleaning.) Anyway, there are 13 relics and 6 have already been found. That means seven enchanting stories. I hope. I can’t wait to read the whole series.

3. ENCHANTING THE LADY is packed full of suspense and danger. The shifters, monsters and magicians practicing dark magic will keep you turning the pages all night. (You’re a doctor? Don’t worry; you can nap between surgeries.)

Speaking of romance…

2. Escape the real world and those dirty clothes that keep piling up. You won’t regret hiding at the coffee shop--or in the closet if you must--to quietly enter this kingdom of magic and romance. Publishers Weekly says, “The latest from Kennedy (Beneath the Thirteen Moons) is simply delightful, set in a fantasy-touched Victorian England that's imaginative, historically vigorous and ripe for further adventures.”

The Number One Reason to Read ENCHANTING THE LADY is…

1. You must discover this awesome world builder. Remember you heard it here first; Kathryne Kennedy has set the bar high for historical paranormal romance. (Say that five times fast.) The Best Reviews says, “…Kennedy is destined to be one of the sub-genre’s superstars.” Read the excerpt of ENCHANTING THE LADY at her website and you’ll know what I mean.

Run to your computer! Okay, you’re already there. What are you waiting for? Click onto your favorite bookstore and order TODAY!


-Kathryne Kennedy

Extra!Extra! Kathryne has a copy of Enchanting the Lady to giveaway to one lucky commenter.
Happy New Year