Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fantastic Fives on Michelle Pillow

First Off, Michelle Has A New Release On A Book Shelf Near You Today

Along For The Ride by Michelle Pillow

Meet Megan Matthews, a detective who is cursed with always being right. Her instincts are good, her deductive reasoning even better. But she’s that most men find her intimidating, so she’s given up trying to find Mr. Right and has settled, perversely, for arresting Mr. Wrong.
Crime scene photographer Ryan Andrews has had a wicked crush on the sexy detective since he first took her photograph by accident at a crime scene. That picture became headline news, and she hasn’t talked to him since. He’s tried everything to get her attention, and when nothing works he’s left with only one option. But is blackmailing a cop into marriage really a good idea?
For an excerpt go here

and now for Michelle's Fantastic Fives

Five words and/or phrases that describe you:

1. Pajama pants
2. Coffee
3. No bake chocolate cookies/chewy brownies
4. Laid back
5. Hard Worker

Five people and or things that inspire you:

1. My Husband ~ A constant well of inspiration and support
2. My Mother ~ A free spirit who supports me unconditionally
3. My Father ~ A wonderful man who instilled so many things in me
4. My Brother ~ For going out into the world and doing what he loves
5. My Partner in Crime, Mandy M. Roth ~ A talented author and a wonderful friend

Five of your favorite authors:

1. Mandy M. Roth
2. Jaycee Clark
3. Robyn Carr
4. Lauren Dane
5. NJ Walters

Describe five of your heroes/heroines through your eyes:

1. Vladamir, Maiden and the Monster ~ He’s one of my all time favorite heroes—a product of his time (the middle ages), scarred and flawed, jealous and proud, but filled with honor and responsibility.
2. Prince Reid, Lords of the Var: The Rogue Prince ~ He’s one of those heroes I love to hate. I loved him as a side character, couldn’t wait to get to his book and then fought with the darned PITA through the entire thing. Another one of those characters was Lord Malak from Naughty Cupid 3: Cupid’s Favor
3. Kat Matthews, Bit by the Bug – I loved and understood her. She’s work focused, creative, open and sees things in ways others don’t. Plus, she’s a photographer, just like I would have been in another life.
4. Wolfram and Gin, Emerald Knight ~ As a couple, these two were a challenge. They were betrothed since birth in the Middle Ages. They grew up knowing who they would marry, when and why. Beyond this, there were many external factors to the book—the Holy Crusades, death, tournaments—that made it such and interesting story. I love the Medieval set books.
5. Rick, Space Lords Series (coming soon) ~ Rick is a side character in the Lords of the Var and Zhang Dynasty books, but one of the heroes in the upcoming installment in the futuristic galaxy – Space Lords. He’s the whole reason why his crew is cursed, a smart mouthed self-proclaimed ladies man and one hell of a pilot. But, he’d also give his life for a friend. It’s going to be fun seeing what he does in his book. I can’t wait!

Five reasons to read your books:

1. I put a lot of research into them
2. I won the RT Reviewers Choice Award this year, and have several recommended read credits and great reviews
3. I feel slightly awkward typing this list, lol
4. Because you want to
5. Because I have something for most tastes—paranormal, contemporary, futuristic, dark paranormal, fantasy, historical—all romance

Michelle Pillow

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Extra!Extra! I have a promo pack of Michelle's bookmarks to giveaway to a lucky commenter.


Eva S said...

Thanks Michelle, it was great to read your Fantastic Fives. I have always wanted to read your books and now they are first in my TBB list!

maura said...

Loved the blog entry, Michelle you are always on my autobuy list, I love all your stuff, my favorites are the Lords of the Var series and the ones you do with Mandy Roth.

Michelle M Pillow said...

Hi Eva,
Thank you! Let me know if you need recommendations or anything. :D

Hi Maura,
Thank you! I just turned in Space Lords book one the next installment in the Dragon Lords/Lords of the Var ongoing series. Now I'm just waiting on a release date.

Thanks for stopping by ladies!!

nascarandbeans said...

Hi Michelle thanks for coming and sharing..i havent had the pleasure of reading your books yet, but they do sound good. Jolene

Michelle M Pillow said...

HihHank you :D

Jaycee said...

Hi Michelle! Great answers *Sigh* Vladamir heheheh

Michelle M Pillow said...

Hi Jaycee! :D

Mandy M. Roth said...

No bake

Shouldn't that be No Cook and No Bake for Michelle period... cookie or not! LOL


Michelle M Pillow said...

Speaking of food, why don't you come over here and feed me. I'm starving... lol

danetteb said...

I got hungry when you mentioned brownies too. :D

Thanks Michelle and all who commented.

Hugs, Danette

Cathy said...

Love the list of what describes you. I am really trying to get caught up all your releases, but dang, woman, you have so many good ones.