Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Three Fantastic New Releases

The Demon King and I
by Candace Havens (Paperback - Nov 4, 2008)

The Caruthers sisters are heiresses with privilege, wealth, beauty, and brains. But these party girls have something extra. As the Guardian Keys, possessors of an ancient family secret, they hold the fate of the world in their hands.
Gillian, the eldest, is a sensation in the art world-- this world, that is. In her other world she's the Assassin, a knockout who snuffs out dimension-jumpers who foul up her personal space. She never expected to join forces with one. But when a plague of murderous demons plunges the earth in darkness, she has no choice but to get a little help from a being who knows his stuff.

Candace is celebrating her new series with a BANG! Visit
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Any Given Doomsday (The Phoenix Chronicles, Book 1)
by Lori Handeland (Mass Market Paperback - Nov 4, 2008)

Darkness will summon her…
Elizabeth Phoenix once used her unique skills as a psychic to help in the Milwaukee Police Department's fight against injustice. But when Liz's foster mother is found viciously murdered—and Liz is discovered unconscious at the scene—her only memory of the crime comes in the form of terrifying dreams...of creatures more horrific than anything Liz has seen in real life. What do these visions mean? And what in the world do they have to do with her former lover, Jimmy Sanducci?
To places she's never been before…
While the police question Jimmy in the murder, Jimmy opens Liz's eyes to a supernatural war that has raged since the dawn of time in which innocent people are hunted by malevolent beings disguised as humans. Only a chosen few have the ability to fight their evil, and Jimmy believes Liz is among them. Now, with her senses heightened, new feelings are rising within Liz—ones that re-ignite her dangerous attraction to Jimmy. But Jimmy has a secret that will rock Liz to her core…and put the survival of the human race in peril.…

One Silent Night (Dark-Hunter, Book 13) by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Mass Market Paperback - Nov 4, 2008)

While the world carries on unawares, Stryker, who leads an army of demons and vampires, is plotting an all out onslaught against his enemies—which, unfortunately for us, includes the entire human race. To avenge his sister, Stryker prepares to annihilate the Dark-Hunters. But things go awry when his oldest enemy returns. Enter his ex-wife. Zephyra. Just when he thought nothing could stop him, he’s now embroiled in a centuries old war with a shrew who gives new meaning to pain.


Diana Evans said...

these look very interesting Danette!!

Hope you had a wonderful day!!


Anny Cook said...

Excellent choices. Hope you're enjoying California. I bet it's quite different from Hawaii! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

azteclady said...

Completely off topic: Hope you are nowhere near the fires!

Shelley Munro said...

These are three great selections. I hope you're enjoying California. I bet it's very different from Hawaii. :)