Saturday, June 27, 2009

This and That

How everyone's weekend going?
It's been so hot this weekend. I've been trying to work on my paper for class and find something cool for the kids to do. We currently don't have any grass in our yards, so sprinkler fun in the mud was out of the question. We opted for slip n slidin' in the driveway. We blew up two long pool floaties and put them under the slip n slide so the girls had something soft to slide on. (Sorry, no pictures. I didn't bring out the camera.) They had fun and drying off was easy with the heat.
I did my reading for class though and had a little time to read some of Fairyville by Emma Holly. It's a pretty interesting book( Warning: it's classic Emma Holly over eighteen writing)I'm at the part where the heroine's high school sweetheart has come back into town and she's a little torn with feelings from her past and her feelings toward a love interest in the present.....And the plot thickens :)
I updated the blog. I wanted to add a comment box so that we can chat here and there. I downloaded a couple comment boxes that had too much extra workings. I did find one that I hope works for me. Technically, its a guestbook widget but it works great for a comment box.(Thank you Smartgb!) I had to customize it a little to fit it into my side bar. If you get a chance say hello or tell me what you're up to this summer.

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