Saturday, June 18, 2011

Review: Changeling Moon by Dani Harper


I picked up this book for a new take on weres and I was surprised to find Dani's Changeling's were well worth the read. It was refreshing to see that Dani brings in a female pack leader for the Changelings in her debut book. Although this book is based on a different member of the pack, the leader and her mate were a fun couple to get to know too. This book is about Connor, who is a veterinarian Changeling. I found myself wrapped up in this story. From the first page, Dani mixes suspense and adventure for her characters. Although you meet many different people, each one is distinct and unforgettable. The heroine of the book Zoey is strong willed and snappy. I like her right away. She does things her way and sometimes the reader worries for her. The antagonist in the story is a bit creepy and he does some horrible acts,but the reader keeps hoping for a happy ending. Conner and Zoey have a intense attraction that can go from steamy to mellow,it keeps the page turning. The are some twists in the story which will leave the reader wanting more and glad to know there will be additions soon to this new series.

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