Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Enchanting The Lady Is a Memorable Read

I received my copy of Enchanting the Lady yesterday,started reading it out of the package and finished it late last night. Kathryne's magical view of 1800's England blew me away. She brought me into a world where magic is all around, I'd love to see a carriage being pulled by beautiful unicorns and go to balls amazingly themed. All her characters came to life off the pages, the were-lion hero is as courageous a man as he is a lion and when you read about the his house servants you'll see what I'm saying about her vivid imagery. If you need a refreshing new author,go pick up this book. (IMHO)


In a world where magic ruled everything, Felicity Seymour couldn't perform even the simplest spell. If she didn't pass her testing,she'd lose her duchy- and any hope of marriage. But one man didn't seem to mind her lack of dowry: a darkly delicious baronet who had managed to scare away the rest of London's Society misses.

Sir Terrence Blackwell knew the enchanting woman before him wasn't entirely without magic. Not only could she completely disarm him with her gorgeous lavender eyes and frank candor, but his were-lion senses could smell a dark power on her- the same kind of relic- magic that killed his brother. Was she using it herself,or was it being used against her?

One needed a husband, and the other needed answers. But only together could they find the strongest magic of all: true love.

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