Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spotlight: Shadow Walk by Devyn Quinn

Shadow Walk (eBook Whispers Publishing)
by Devyn Quinn
Can the forbidden love of a traitor overcome the betrayal of honor and duty?

Adri of Abignale was born to serve evil. Upon the eve of her twenty-first birthday, Adri will ascend into her position as a first tier acolyte in the cult of Adsagsoma. The magic she will wield is a powerful one.

On the other side of dark age war is Ardan, an Oathbreaker who betrayed his own heritage to fight for the survival of the weaker human race. Though his long exile, he’s never forgotten the young girl he was to wed. To claim Adri as his own, Ardan must convince her of the true path she was destined to walk—as his mate.
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Jennifer Y. said...

OOOH...this new sounds really good.

Congrats on the releases!

Jennifer Y. said...

Oops...that should say "this one"

Clearly I need more sleep before I posts comments...LOL.

Amy S. said...

sounds good!

Cherie J said...

This sounds really good. Really nice cover too.

mamasand2 said...

That is soooo mean to leave us hanging breathlessly like this...
That excerpt was truely riveting.