Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fantastic Fives on Lucinda Betts

Five words and/or phrases that describe you:

1) Letter that comes before V and after T. Or is it after T and before V?
2) A pronoun that refers to the person or people being addressed or written to.
3) A female sheep
4) An evergreen tree of the genus Taxus
5) An archer's bow made of said tree wood
6) (alt) a smart ass

Five people and or things that inspire you:

1) Danette
2) Danette's immediate family
3) Danette's extended family
4) Danette's best friends
5) Anyone who's ever known or spoken with Danette
6) (alt) People who don't kiss ass.

Five of your favorite authors:

1) Jo March (She gave up a lot to be a writer.)
2) Brenda Starr (Her life looks like mine. right.)
3) Oscar Madison (His car looks like mine. So does his desk.)
4) Gabrielle from Xena (As an idealistic scholar, she believes in the goodness of people and puts her life on the line for that. Plus, she kicks ass.)
5) Carrie Bradshaw (Her books got her famous enough to get on the side of NYC buses.)

Describe five of your heroes/heroines through your eyes:

1) As you wouldn't have guessed looking at the cover of SHE, the heroine of that book, Ivy, looks blond though my eyes. And also through my words.

2) As you wouldn't have guessed looking at the cover of PURE SEX, my heroine, Zoe, doesn't like ice cream. She doesn't look like ice cream, either. She looks like someone she steer her clear of the Armani stores when she shops.

3) As you wouldn't have guessed looking at the cover of NIGHT SPELL, the hero of the first story in that anthology doesn't look like a girl. He has broad, muscular shoulders. He's got a strong jaw and powerful hands. He looks like he could rescue you from wild lions. And he could.

4) As you might not have guessed looking at the cover of MOON SHADOW, the hero of the story, Gage, likes a clean house and likes good food. Which means, despite his delicious abs and the planes of his chest, he likes to clean and cook. He doesn't mind grocery shopping either. Where are you Gage?

5) As you most certainly wouldn't have guessed looking at the cover of THE SUPPLICANT, Sureya, the heroine, does not go through the story sporting a permanent sunburn. She's got lovely skin. And she takes good care of if. Kalief is certainly happy to help he with that task, rubbing oils and lotions where ever she needs.

Five reasons to read your books:

1) They're fun.
2) They're good.
3) I worked hard to make them fun and good.
4) My crit partner worked hard to make them fun and good.
5) My editor worked hard to make them fun and good.
6) (alt) I need to eat.

-Lucinda Betts

Extra!Extra! Lucinda is giving away a copy of SHE and a copy of EROS ISLAND.


Judi said...

LOL, I love sister smart-asses! :D Your books sound awesome Lucinda, and Danette rocks!

Leah said...

Great fives!! Interesting to learn about you.

tetewa said...

Enjoyed your fives! I have a copy of Euros Island and enjoyed it, would love to add She to my collection!

Dawn Epton said...

That's to funny. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Lucinda, omg, your fives and alt. 6's are hilarious, lol... great answers :)
I'll be sure to tell my friends to buy your books, too, so you won't starve ;) lol

TamiC said...

LOL Smart-Asses are the best, I hate kiss asses also.

Cathy said...

Great lists, Lucinda. Enjoyed the excerpt for She and would love to read it.

Tracy said...

That's a ton of smart-assedness! I love it! lol

Great post!

deb s. said...

Loved the fives. Some funny stuff. I want to hear more!!

nascarandbeans said...

waving a big hi to Danette and Lucinda.. what a fun treat.. and a hilarious one at that.. I wont kiss ass by saying how much i love your books and still need to add She to my collection.. hehe...

Jan said...

LMAO!! I love a smartass!

Cherie J said...

Enjoyed reading your fantastic fives!

danetteb said...

Hello Chatters!

Thank you for your comments.Lucinda is a sweetheart.

Thank you Judi! You're the best!

Hi Jolene*waves*

Hugs, Danette

Amy S. said...

Great interview Danette and Lucinda!

Kammie said...

Enjoyed the excerpt of She and reading your answers. I needed a laugh after a long work day. Your story sounds really good!

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Hi Danette & Lucinda,

Great Fives and Lucinda I agree with the reasons to read your books. I look forward to getting a copy of SHE and reading it. I love your books :)

Congratulations on the new release WooHoo!

I have a copy of Eros I can not wait to read it. I would love to be enter to win a copy of She :-) Thank you.


Caffey said...

Hey Lucinda and Danette!!! So love Lucinda's books and don't have SHE (I do have EROS and just put it on my pile here to read soon!

Gosh those five's were a blast to read! I was smiling then laughing!! You got to save this one Danette, you are so inspired by Lucinda!

danetteb said...

Hi Linda :)

THanks Cathie, I've got this saved for sure :)

Hugs, Danette

Lucinda Betts said...

Hi folks,

Thanks for all the fun comments! I'm picking a winner right now. Stay tuned while I prime the random number generator....

Lucinda Betts said...

Okay, the first winner is.... Caffey! She won a copy of SHE! Hey Caffey, send your snail to me at lucindabetts77@yahoo.com and I'll get that book to you!

Hang on for the second winner....

Lucinda Betts said...

And the second winner is... Judi! She won a copy of EROS ISLAND. Judi, pasi me your snail at lucindabetts77@yahoo.com and I'll get that book off to you!

Lucinda Betts said...

And because Kensington just sent me another huge box of book, I'm giving away a bonus copy of SHE to.... Cherie J! Send your snail to lucindabetts77@yahoo.com!

And congrats to all the winners!


nascarandbeans said...

congrats to all the winners.. Lucindas books are awesome.. i will definitely have She on my to order list..

Judi said...

Awesome! Thanks Lucinda and Danette. :) Congrats to Caffey and Cherie J as well!!

CrystalGB said...

Great fives. :)

Caffey said...

Congrats Cherie!
Thanks too Lucinda!! I'm excited!

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Congratulations Winners YaY! Ty Danette & Lucinda for a great blog day :)


Cherie J said...

How awesome! Thank you very much! Congrats to the other winners as well.

Lucinda Betts said...

Just a quick note to all the winners that I've put all your books in envelopes and will be heading to the post office tomorrow or the next day!

Enjoy your books!