Friday, June 6, 2008

"No,.....Not Mulan."

You'll understand the title of this post once you read Michele Bardsley's newest installment in the Broken Heart series, " Because You're Vampire Said So" (WARNING: SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THOSE WHO STILL NEED TO START THIS SERIES) In this book, we get to read more about the ancients and their powers. We get to know Broken Heart Mom Patsy, a mom who figures out her purpose in life the hard way. Patsy is destined for greatness and reading her story had me cheering(ok..maybe yelling at the book a bit) for her to make the right decisions. My favorite secondary characters are Dottie and Nonna, those two ladies are a laugh a minute. After meeting these two,I had the movie "Over Her Dead Body" stuck in my head :D. This mom's adventure is hilarious at times and heart-wrenching at others.


Terri said...

Michele ROCKS and so do her books !

Michele Bardsley said...

Thanks so much, Danette! I'm glad you enjoyed Broken Heart 3. :-)