Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fantastic Fives on Jennifer Estep

Five words and/or phrases that describe you:


Five people and or things that inspire you:

The four seasons, but especially fall and all the lovely colors and smells. It’s my favorite time of year!

Other books/movies/television shows, etc. Anytime I read or watch something, I think about the story and characters, what I liked or didn’t about them, and what I might have done differently. It’s a great, fun way to get your own creative juices flowing.

My mom. She’s the strongest person I know. I love making her laugh, and I try to bring that humor to my books to make other folks laugh too.

Food. I’m addicted to the Food Network, and I love writing about food. I always try to make it a small but delicious part of anything I write.

The outdoors/weather. There’s nothing I love better than a gray, rainy day or overlooking a scenic vista. I always try to take pictures of every new place I go to provide inspiration for future books/settings.

Five of your favorite authors:

David Eddings
Ian Fleming
Robin McKinley
J. R. R. Tolkien
Donald Westlake

Describe five of your heroes/heroines through your eyes:

Bella Bulluci: She’s the star of my September release, Jinx. Bella’s a fashion designer by day, although she dreams of being a more traditional artist. She’s very quiet and restrained and elegant, but she can also be incredibly strong when the situation calls for it.

Debonair: He’s Bella’s hero. He has something of a split personality and can be very sexy one minute and very shy the next. He’s the ultimate nice guy wrapped up in a bad-boy package.

Gin Blanco: She’s the heroine of a new urban fantasy series I’m working on. The first book is titled Gin on the Rocks. Gin’s an assassin who runs a barbecue restaurant called the Pork Pit. She’s one tough cookie. She’s probably the strongest character (both physically and emotionally) that I’ve ever written. It took me a long time to get her voice just right, but now, she’s one of my favorite characters.

Carmen Cole: Carmen was the star of my first book, Karma Girl, and she’ll always hold a special place in my heart. She’s always plucky and determined no matter the odds against her. She makes mistakes, but she always owns up to them and tries to do better.

Fiona Fine: Fiona was the star of my second book, Hot Mama. Fiona is bold and daring and full of life. She was a lot of fun to write, especially since she can eat whatever she want and wears such interesting clothes!

Five reasons to read your books:

They’re fun, sexy fantasies.

No wimpy heroines are allowed.

Having superpowers would be cool.

The male superheroes fill out their leather and spandex costumes very nicely. :grin:

They’re a lighthearted escape from the everyday world.

-Jennifer Estep

Extra! Extra! Jennifer is giving away a copy of Jinx to a lucky commenter. Let us know who your favorite super hero is :)


Cathy said...

It's a toss up between Batman and Wolverine.

danetteb said...

Hi Cathy,

I'm partial to Wolverine(everytime I see Hugh Jacman :D )I like Claire from the Heroes show, the power to regenerate would be nice to have.

Hugs, Danette

azteclady said...

Hi, Jennifer and Danette!

I've always been a fan of Batman, and I gotta say that Christian Bale fills out that suit nicely :grin:

As for powers... I gotta think some more.

Jennifer Estep said...

Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero. I'd love to have that tiara and those bracelets she wears!

But I agree with you guys. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale definitely make Wolverine and Batman worth watching! ;-)

acdaisy95 said...

It would be Batman and Superman.

Anonymous said...

batman, val kilmer
though he didnt do the movie that good, he was cute in the suit

tasha t

Cherie J said...

I used to love reading the XMen comics and one of my favorite superheroes was Gambit. Just something about that delicious Cahun accent that always got to me.

Pamk said...

love wolverine for the males and firestorm for the females. Would love to win your book.

tetewa said...

I recently saw Iron Man and really enjoyed it so that would be my pick right now!

rebekah said...

My favorite superhero is Wolverine, but I think that is just because Hugh Jackman play the part. He is so yummy.