Monday, September 22, 2008

Fantastic Fives on KyAnn Waters

Update: Ashlyn Chase, you won your choice of one of KyAnn's ebooks from her backlist. Check here for KyAnn's books and the email KyAnn your choice.Congratulations!

Five words and/or phrases that describe you:

Organized chaos.
and Tired

Five people and/or things that inspire you:

Reality television – I know, it’s shameful. I’m a junkie.
I can’t say there is any one person that inspires me. I think about men in history and I’m in awe of what they endured and accomplished. One of my favorite historical figures is John Paul Jones. He led a tarnished life in England but went on to become the “Father of the American Navy.”

Five of your favorite authors:

For me that’s like asking my five favorite foods. I love to read, but tend to avoid the genre I’m currently working on. Five off the top I’d say…
Susan Johnson
Clive Barker
James Patterson
Sean Michael
Kate Douglas

Describe five of your heroes/ heroines through your eyes:

Kean Phelan from All Lycan’s Eve shoulders the responsibility for his pack. As alpha male he is their leader. In a chance meeting, he finds his mate and must protect her from the pack. He never wavers in his duties. He manages to convince Callie of their destiny and also stand in judgment of his pack to claim her. He is all the best qualities of a complex hero—Strength, love, honor, duty. If you love a bit of violence and a lot of sex in your werewolf stories, this is the one for you. All Lycan’s Eve – Ellora’s Cave

Tessa, in With or Without You, made a decision in her youth that has now come back to unravel her life. She messed up, but she’s strong-willed, decisive, and has to learn to forgive herself. With or Without You – Samhain Publishing

Taylor Davis is a great heroine. She’s intelligent and a bit arrogant without being a jerk. She’s known as the Bitch of the Beau Monde because ultimately she controls everything in her life. Putting her into a BDSM relationship where she is the submissive was a real exploration into what it would be like for a powerful, dominate business woman to give up control in the bedroom. The Cougar Meets Her Master – The Wilder Roses

Trace Tilton grew up in a small town fearing what his father would do if he discovered his sexual preference. He moved away from home after his mother’s death. It takes a family emergency to draw him back. He’s prideful, yet considerate, sophisticated, and sexy as hell. In Hard Ride Home, Trace has to choose—leave home again or stay in a small town and claim the man he wants. Hard Ride Home – Ellora’s Cave

Nash Stokes is the ranch foreman of the Triple T. He’s the second hero in Hard Ride Home. Rural Montana is the ideal place for a man to live a simple life. And the perfect place to keep his sexual preferences a secret—until Trace disrupts his idyllic life. He’s loyal, hard working, and stubborn as hell. Hard Ride Home – Ellora’s Cave

Five reasons to read your books:

Hopefully, I’ve written books that entertain you. In the moments when you’re reading one of my stories, whether paranormal or contemporary, the unbelievable becomes believable.
I’ve try to write stories with unique twists on those hot alpha males, decadent vamps, and feisty heroines in contemporary romance.
My stories tend to have that campy dialog and situation that will hopefully at least bring a smile to your face if not make you laugh out loud.
Of course, if you love hot sex scenes you’ll enjoy my books.
And finally I like a fast read and I think that’s reflected in the way I write. So if you like that too, I think you’d enjoy one of my books.

-KyAnn Waters
Extra!Extra! A lucky commenter has a chance to win a download of one of KyAnn's backlist.


Jenni said...

You're also a fabulous friend! Great post. Love you!

Liza James said...

Great blog, KyAnn! Can you believe I've never read even one of your favorite authors? LOL I'll have to rectify that soon. ;-)


Judith Leger said...

This was such a neat blog, Danette and KyAnn! I haven't seen one like. Heard about the Thirteen Thursdays (where you list 13 things, tidbits), but I've never seen one like this!

Oh, yes! I really like you heroines and hero3s especially Kean! Pure Alpha male!

KyAnn said...

thank you Jenni, Liza and Judith. and thank you Danette!

And Judith, Happily I am hard at work on the sequel to All Lycan's Eve so you'll get a bit more of Kean and a whole lot of Melville. he is another super Alpha male.


Debra Glass said...

Awesome interview, KyAnn!

Cathy said...

Hi KyAnn, I really enjoy your books, just the right amount of hot sex and a bit of humor.

Can't wait to read the sequel for All Lycan's Eve.

KyAnn said...

thanks Debra.
And you are so sweet Cathy. thank you for reading my stories. Not everyone gets my campy sense of humor. lol I am so glad you do. :)


KyAnn said...

So I'm a total reality TV junkie but is anyone else wondering what Tyra was thinking with this version of ANTM? What's up with all the cheesy eighties special effects. lol

danetteb said...

Hi Jenni and Liza!

Thank you Judith :)

Hi Cathy and Debra!

Glad to see all of you here. KyAnn's Fives are awesome.

Hugs, Danette

Debra St. John said...

KyAnn, your blog was fabulous, wonderful, informative, entertaining, and delightful!

KyAnn said...

I also wanted to tell anyone stopping by that in addition to With or Without You releaseing tomorrow from Samhain Publishing, Rough Jusice is coming Oct 17th from Ellora's Cave!

KyAnn said...

thanks Debra.

I have to say the cover to your book is one of the most beautiful I've seen. I absolutely love it.

Ashlyn Chase said...

Nice interview, Kyann!


Dena said...

Great interview, I really liked learning about KyAnn's interests in her Fantastic Fives.

KyAnn said...

Congratulations Ashlyn,
you've won a titles from my backlist. thank you for stopping by my fantastic five blog interview day. and thank you Danette!

Danette said...

Thank you KyAnn! You're always welcome to guest anytime :)

Congrats Ash!

Hugs, Danette