Saturday, July 7, 2007

Upcoming Guests

Since it it summer,I invited a couple YA authors . For those of you who like reading YA or have older teens at home who enjoy reading,come by and chat.
On Monday I have Frances Lynn and on Wednesday I have Kelly McClymer, their newest YA releases are.

Crushed by Frances Lynn

Door and her twin sister get along - just about. But Door has misgivings. She is tall and thin like a beanpole, her sister is petite and beautiful. How on earth can they be family? Door starts to believe she is from another planet – or else the rest of the family is from outer space. Read the stirring saga of the ungainly sibling who suddenly turns into a beautiful swan – and the incredible secret of her birth!

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Competition's A Witch by Kelly McClymer
Prudence Stewart is finally starting to get her witch on. It's been a month since her parents decided to give their magic-deficient daughter a crash course in enchantment by enrolling her in Agatha's Day School for Witches. And sure, Pru's still stuck in Magic for Dummies -- but at least she made the cheerleading squad.
Now Prudence has a bigger problem...she walks, talks, and cheers like a mortal. And she's deathly afraid the other witches will catch on. So she vows to give up her old earthly ways: no cell phone, no car, and above all, no dating mortal boys.
There's just one hitch to the sitch: Angelo, the megacute mortal-next-door. When he and Prudence meet, sparks fly -- no magic necessary. And breaking Angelo's spell turns out to be the hardest trick of all.

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