Saturday, July 21, 2007

Welcome Guest Blogger Kristin Battestella

Five phrases or words that describe you:

I'm a bit weird,
with a dry sense of humor.
Serious and yet whimsical at the same time.
and kind.
Five people and/or things that inspire you:

my Parents,
my fiance Jason,
and maybe not the fear of failure
but the desire to succeed.

Five of your favorite authors:

Charles Dickens,
C.S. Forester,
J.R.R. Tolkien,
Isaac Asimov,
Edgar Rice Burroughs.
I had a big Anne Rice phase back in the day, but that would be six!

Five facts about your heroes/heroines of your book:

Antonio is the family patriarch and he tries to keep everyone around him under his control.
Samantha is the 'black sheep' of the family because she doesn't want to be a vampire.
Elizabeth remains married to Antonio for 800 years, despite his on and off affair with her sister Ann.
Victoria has many fledglings, but either she tires of them or they her. If she tires of them first, it doesn't end well.
Jean is only part of the Welshire Clan for a year before he decides to take matters into his own hands and destroy The Vampire Family.

Five reasons to read your book:

There's enough romance for romance readers, but its not like a lot of the Romeo and Juliet vampire paranormals out there.
It's gothic, not gory scary and all out horror. A mature, classic styled read.
Younger readers 16 and up can relate to the parental issues, peer pressures, and religious themes because they aren't too obvious.
A touch of vampire action and coven wars from the 12 century to the 21st-something for everyone!
Vampires are people with problems, too!


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