Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fantastic Fives on Jaci Burton

Five words and/or phrases that describe you:





and sometimes just utterly crazy. ;-)

Five people and or things that inspire you: Oh great question.

I'm inspired by the people around me.

My friends, my family, other authors, what I read, what I see, and things I would like to change. Hmmm, was that five? ;-)

Five of your favorite authors: Only five? Gah, that's tough.

Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb (because that should count as one, right? Heh),

Nalini Singh,

Meljean Brook,

Lara Adrian

and Lora Leigh.

Describe five of your heroes/heroines through your eyes:

Gina from Surviving Demon Island is tough but vulnerable.

Derek from Surviving Demon Island is loyal, fierce and passionate.

Abby from Wild Wicked and Wanton is brave and committed.

Blair from Wild Wicked & Wanton is fierce, unafraid and yet terribly vulnerable, a great mix of character there.

Callie from Wild Wicked & Wanton is warm, generous and incredibly adventurous.

Oooh was that five already? I could go on...and on.... ;-)

Five reasons to read your books:

They're fun,




and have a Happy Ever After in every book!

-Jaci Burton
Riding Wild is on Shelves In Hawaii!(*g* )


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Extra!Extra! One lucky commenter has a chance to win a copy of one of Jaci's printed backlist.(Not including Riding Wild)


Theresa N. said...

Love your books, I'm a"Happily everafter person" myself. There's just no other way to be. Great 5 choices on the heros, don't know if I could name five, I'm slow to remember and would be remembering another one and another one. To hard to choose.

Jaci Burton said...

Thank you Theresa! It was hard deciding on 5 heroes. There have been so many, it's difficult to limit myself. ;-)

nascarandbeans said...

Hi Jaci thanks for coming to visit and sharing today.. i agree great choices on your heros, but limiting to five is hard..

aBookworm said...

Hi Jaci (& Danette), Love the summation of heroes/heroines.

Do you consider any of your heroes to be a beta? If not, do you plan on writing about one?

(ps - I've included this giveaway in my blog post at my book review/contest blog - A Book Blogger's Diary)

Jaci Burton said...

Hey aBookBlogger!

I typically don't write too many beta heroes. I really tend to gravitate toward the take charge, very alpha type of male, and I happen to be married to a man just like that. So my heroes tend to be that way too. I think some authors do a fantastic job writing the beta male. But it's just not in me to write one. :-)

Anonymous said...

great to have u here. your books are hot. wild sounds great, great reviews for that on , congrats.

kim h

danetteb said...

Hi Jaci,
Thank you for a sweet Fantastic Five. Emotional,adventurous reads are the kind of books that stick with you. I want to know?

Is there a genre that you haven't done that you would like to?

Happy Release Day!

Hugs, Danette

Laura K said...

Happy Release Day, Jaci!! I love some of your author choices. Yes, Nora Roberts/JD Robb is one choice. It had to be very, very, hard to limit yourself to only 5. I know I couldn't pick five favorite books/heros/authors either!

Hip, hip, hooray for your release day!

azteclady said...

*following the bread crumbs*

*waving at Jaci*

What a cool event have today's releases turned out to be!

Five choices of anything would be impossible... But definitely Nora Roberts/JDRobb would be in there.

Jaci Burton said...

Thanks for having me guest here today, Danette!

*waves to everyone*

There really aren't too many genres I haven't written in. I haven't done a historical, but I'll leave that one to the experts who know how to craft a decent historical romance. That's far out of my league of expertise. I love reading them...can't write them. ;-)

I would love to write romantic suspense. Riding Wild is an erotic action adventure suspense, so I do touch on the suspense a bit in that one, but I'd really love to play with a full fledged romantic suspense someday.

And I have so many favorite authors and books it's so hard to limit myself. Both newer authors and authors I've loved since I first started reading romance over twenty years ago. It's difficult to choose just a few. But yeah, I'm a huge Nora fan.

windycindy said...

I like the Fantastic Fives interview!
Amazing how much you can learn about someone from just five questions! I would be thrilled to win one of your books. Please enter me in this drawing. Thanks,Cindi

Cathy said...

Hi Jaci, loved your answers, your top 5 favorite authors make my list too. Congrats on your new release.

Jennifer Y. said...

Great interview and congrats on the release! I can't wait to get my own copy!

Pamk said...

Riding Wilde is fantastic. Go run buy it you won't be disappointed.

Amy S. said...

Hi Jaci and Danette! Great interview! Congrats on the new release! It's an awesome book!

CrystalGB said...

Hi Jaci. Great list. It is good to see you here.

tetewa said...

Enjoyed the interview today and I'm looking forward to your latest release!

limecello said...

Very fun! I can't wait until I can go out and get my hands on a copy of RW, Jaci!

blackroze37 said...

GOTTA love the aphlas!!!!

azteclady said...

Alpha heroes that are not arrogant jerks = teh awesome! *grin*