Friday, June 1, 2007

Fantastic Fives On Aurora Black

Five phrases/words that describe me:




No nonsense


Five people/things that inspire me:

Nature (I love woods and the sea. I live directly on the Mediterranean, so I get to see a lot of it.)

Music (All kinds of music, from classical to techno and everything in between!)

Art (Sometimes I go to a museum and let my mind drift while looking at the paintings. It really
helps for writer's block.)

My mother (She's an avid reader & collector of romance novels, so love stories are in my blood.)

My boyfriend (All of my heroes are at least partially based on what I have at home. I'm very lucky.)

Five favorite authors:

Linda Howard (I must have 6-7 of her titles.)

Karen Marie Moning (I LOVE Highlanders!)

Robin Schone (Reading "The Lady's Tutor" made me want to write romances myself.)

Deidre Knight (I'm absolutely hooked on Deidre's "Midnight Warriors" series.)

Me! (I'm not trying to sound stuck up or anything, but I truly love what I do.)

Five of my Heroes/Heroines:

David Shaw, hero of MELTING THE ICE QUEEN ~ Intelligent, strong yet sensitive, and charming. David's been burned by love in the past, but he's willing to put all that aside when he meets Christabel Lockheart. Something about her draws him in and never lets him go, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to make her smile. David can sense that she's also had her share of sad times, and he wants to take her in his arms and make it all better. Tall, shoulder length red hair, green eyes and adorable dimples when he smiles.

Rachel Malone, heroine of I HEART YOU ~ Strong, witty, full of spirit, and follows her heart. Having made a name for herself in the world of erotic romance (after starting from scratch), Rachel is at the top of her game yet personally she feels unfulfilled. Ironically she finds what she needs while her world turns upside down, and once she realizes what Lucian Drake does for her body & soul, she's in no hurry to give it up. Medium height, raven hair and dark eyes.

Lucian Drake, hero of I HEART YOU ~ Seductive, intuitive and gifted. Lucian is very talented, and through his camera lens he searches for perfection. When he meets Rachel Malone, he's amazed at how being with her makes him feel and he wonders if he's finally found the missing piece of himself he didn't even realize he was looking for. Tall, long black hair and silver-gray eyes.

Claire Ballard-Tanner, heroine of BITTER HARVEST (Coming October 8, 2007) ~ Risk taker, loving and determined. Claire fights for what she feels is right and doesn't apologize for it. She follows her heart no matter what, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to help Jack Tanner, the love of her life. Tall, long chocolate brown hair and brown eyes.

Jack Tanner, hero of BITTER HARVEST ~ Powerful, driven and tortured. A life-altering event devastates him, but he seeks to overcome the odds and make things right even as his blood screams for revenge. Tall & athletic, shoulder length blond hair, green eyes.

Five reasons to pick up an Aurora Black title:

I don't follow plot formulas, so literally anything can happen.

I'm not afraid to experiment with dark themes (or sweet ones, for that matter).

I pour my heart and soul into each and every story I tell, and it shows.

All my heroes & heroines are equally matched, with explosive chemistry.

I've been told that reading my books is like a great night at the movies. (Wow, what a compliment! Got popcorn? *wink*)

~~~ Aurora Black

Dark, Passionate Erotica with a Touch of Evil


Aurora Black said...

Many thanks, Danette! :)


danetteb said...

Thanks to you *g*

What's it like living in Greece? You must be inspired everyday at such a beautiful place.(I'm a little jealous,I love reading about historical Greece,I hope to someday travel there)
Hugs, Danette

Aurora Black said...

I hope you'll see it someday. *grin*

Greece is a beautiful country, but there's really no need to be jealous. I've been here for almost 6 years, and when a person's been anywhere for that long, the honeymoon ends and it becomes like any other place with its pros and cons. But it *is* inspiring to see 3000 year old ruins! Where I live (Northern Greece), I can take a five minute bus ride and see this...

*excited scream* LOL

Aurora Black said...

Aww, it didn't work.

Who is Minx Malone? said...

I posted the link in my browser and it works! That's some amazing architecture. Now I'm jealous too!


Aurora Black said...

Really? I'm glad the link does work, after all. And there's nothing like stepping around those ancient stones. You can literally *feel* the history at those sites. Like this place, for example (let's hope these work too):

In the olden days, the White Tower was used as a prison. So many executions happened there that it was once called the Tower of Blood by the locals. Now it's a museum with a spectacular view of the city and the sea below. *wink*

danetteb said...

Thank you for the pictures Aurora.....I think I need to get a flight attendant job.`g*
Hugs, Danette