Thursday, June 7, 2007

TBR Pile

My TBR is way to big for my two books a week, but I just can't stop buying books. I'm constantly surfing the net and finding authors I read that have new releases and new authors that I want to try. My book budget is outrageous,but I have three girls(way to young to be reading my books) who will have a full library of my books to enjoy when they're older.*g*The books on the top of my TBR are

Happy Summer Reading!


Tempest Knight said...

I hear ya!!! There are soooo many good books lately and more coming out in the next weeks. My TBR pile is huge and I can't keep up. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I added to it. Check your email. You won a download of The Daystar. ;)

danetteb said...

Thanks Rene,I got The Daystar,now I need to pick up book 3 *g*....I'm off to the beach.Happy relaxing!