Monday, June 18, 2007

Oiled Weekend

I hope everyone had a lovely Father's Day weekend.
I have a little funny story.
I was a little bored on Saturday,so I figured I'd do some painting. We've
got an ongoing house painting "project" where the doors,trim and cabintry
in the house is to be painted black. My husband is an on the side painter,
but he's taking summer school so he showed me how to paint properly earlier
this week and I told him I'd try to help. The thing is we're using oil based black
paint that if you get it on you,you've got to use paint thinner to wash it off, so
I was a little iffy about painting but I was seriously bored and I needed a reading
rest. First of all,I go into the shed and have to search for the paint(it was under a big
bucket,the top doesn't stay on right) Then I went to painting the lower cabinets in the
kitchen( it wasn't that bad, I got some drips that had to be quickly cleaned) My DH
came home from helping his friend with some tech stuff and almost tripped on himself
seeing me doing a decent job painting.Then he asks me to do the upper cabinets, I really
wanted him to do them so I didn't drip on the appliances or the counter, but I did and the
first cabinet I paint and when I step back I realized I was leaning on a drawer I just painted,
the DH starts laughing,I've got a big black paint mark on the side of my leg. I knew something would go wrong,I finished the rest of the cabinets with out a single drop to any thing elseanfd when it came to the pain thinner wash,I made the DH clean the paint off my leg for laughing
at me. Needless to say,my cabinets are looking good,eventhough that was the first coat and I'm glad the camera was near by when I got painted on. LOL

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