Sunday, June 24, 2007

Your Alibi by Annie Dean

Your Alibi by Annie Dean


Addie Alger is stuck with her ex-husband's credit card debts and a failing bed and breakfast in the middle of nowhere. Her brother-in-law, who refuses to wear pants, won't move out of room 107, even though her sister died four years ago, and her father is constantly `inventing' stuff that will, this time for sure, make him the next Ron Popeil.

Deciding all men are jerks, she conceives a brilliant solution to her money woes: For an outlandish fee, she will confirm (although not in a court of law) that a client was, in fact, staying at her bed and breakfast instead of shtupping someone in Atlantic City. Keeping her identity secret becomes increasingly difficult, however, and she learns more than she really wanted to about her friends and neighbors.

Just as she's ready to swear there are no honest men left in the world, enter Sean Duncan, enraged husband and small-time reporter, whose (soon-to-be-ex) wife utilized Addie's service more than once. Things are about to get complicated.

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