Monday, August 6, 2007

Insatiable by Sherri L. King, S. L. Carpenter, and Elizabeth Jewell

Insatiable by Sherri L. King,
S. L. Carpenter, and Elizabeth Jewell


Sanctuary - Sherri L. King
When a plague of zombies takes over her city, Anna thinks she is the lone
survivor -- until she meets five others who join her in a plot to escape. But
Anna soon changes her plan when Enigma, an ancient fairy warrior, appears and
grants her immunity from the wrath of the undead -- with a passionate embrace
that sends arousing sparks coursing through their bodies. Now, together they
must destroy the zombies and prevent the plague from spreading -- if they can keep their hands off each other long enough to fight.
Toys 4 Us - S.L. Carpenter
By day, Dana is a senior executive at an advertising agency, but by night, she
sells an arousing collection of pleasure toys at parties. Beginning her secret
hobby after breaking up with an inadequate ex-boyfriend, Dana has since become a
sexual being with needs -- but no one to fill them. So when Derrick, a handsome
friend she had always desired from afar, shows up at her door unexpectedly, Dana
initiates a night of all-consuming passion -- with all her toys in tow. Before
long, she and Derrick are enjoying the kinds of pleasures she never thought
The Legacy of the Snake - Elizabeth Jewell
After inheriting his grandfather's estate, Heath decides to investigate the
land, because his Grandpa once told him that beautiful fairies live among the
mountains. Lo and behold, while exploring, Heath is abducted and taken to a
magical world where he meets Elena, a beautiful, voluptuous seductress with
golden locks and deep blue eyes. Little does he know, Elena has captured him to
find out if he is a suitable mate for her enchanted blood. Lucky for her, Heath
shows her all kinds of magic -- fulfilling her most sensual desires.
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