Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Fantastic Fives on Shanna Swendson

Today I have the sweet Shanna Swendson here, I got to tell you that I picked up her book Enchanted, Inc. because the cover,a fairy and a frog prince with a briefcase walking side by side,it cracked me up in the store and I had to buy it.

Here's Shanna Swendson's Fantastic Fives

Five phrases or words that describe you:

Overly analytical

Five of your favorite authors:

Connie Willis
JK Rowling
Sarah Bird
Alan Dean Foster
Wendy Holden

Five people and/or things that inspire you:

A really good book
My readers!

Describe five of your heroes/heroines of your books in you eyes:

Katie -- the girl next door, someone you'd want to be friends with
Owen -- the ultimate catch!
Sam -- street (and sky!) smart
Merlin -- wise and kind
Rod -- a good guy who needs to realize how good he is

Five reasons to read your books:

You can read them quickly
They're funny
Owen is really dreamy
I write faster than JK Rowling, so you don't have to wait as long for the next book

They make you look at the world in a different way

Shanna Swendson

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Hi, Shanna!

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