Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Six Foot Hero By Shea McMaster

Six Foot Hero

By Shea McMaster

Loyalty has always been a huge part of Nicole Dahl’s life. A chance vacation meeting begins an emotional journey forcing her to question everything she has blindly accepted since the death of her parents two years earlier. Betrayed by her mentor, her own loyalty and feelings of gratitude are put to the test. With nowhere else to turn, she finds herself fleeing from the comfort of her safe world in San Francisco, to the wilderness of Alaska and into the arms of her Six Foot Hero.

No matter how strong a woman is, sometimes she’s hungry for a hero. Make mine six feet tall, with black hair and deep blue eyes, please. And I’ll take him to go

Logan Schafer, disillusioned and jaded by a love affair gone terribly awry, finds himself beguiled by emerald eyes and entertaining a visitor for a friend. From the moment Logan sees Nicole, he wants her, but she’s made it perfectly clear – hands off. However, bottled up passions can only be contained for so long. Once the barriers are shattered, all that remains in their way are their pasts. Nicole must find a way to sever old loyalties that bind her to an unhealthy relationship. Logan’s goal is to find a way to convince her she can trust him while shedding his own ghost and helping Nicole break free of her mentor who has crossed a line.

You can read an excerpt here
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Kerin said...

I'm so excited...Six Foot Hero is my "gift" to myself for getting through the week - lol! Only three more days until Sunday (aka all day reading day). Rawwwwr

Julie said...

I'm anxiously waiting for this one. ;-0

LizeeS said...

I'm one of the lucky ones who got a sneak preview of this one. You all who are waiting will NOT be disappointed. Fun blog, Shea! Can't wait for the book.