Friday, April 27, 2007

Danette Needs....

Here's a really cute meme stolen from Michelle. Google your name and the word "needs" to find out what you need in life. My name isn't as rare as I thought it was, but here's the top five of what Danette "needs".......

1~Danette needs to hang out with her friends......(I do my husband is always asking when I'm going to una** my computer chair)
2~Danette needs ticket sellers! ( What am I, a burlesque dancer? I wish :D)
3~Danette serves clients' needs....( hum,i wonder what that means)
4~Danette needs to study the rules of hockey before you speak.( I don't even watch that much hockey,how am I supposed to know the rules)
5~Danette needs blood enery minute of everyday...(I knew there was a vampire named Danette out there somewhere,so I was always destined to read paranormals)

Tagged: anyone who wants to do it. The meme, that is.

Thanks Michelle that was too fun.

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