Monday, April 23, 2007

Sleep Wanted; Apply Here

I've recently discovered that I can get through the day with only three hours of sleep.I stayed up late Saturday night reading Sex and the Single Werewolf, thinking I was going to sleep in on Sunday(um no) I'm a light sleeper,I woke up when my husband got up to use the bathroom,usually I don't wake up and stay up but the sun was coming up and I just couldn't go back to sleep with light in my eyes. I got up and went downstairs and turned on my computer'my email had author chat invites,so me being the bookaholic that I am jumped on in the chats,its sometimes worth getting up to read excerpts first thing in the morning. I got a couple hours of chatting in before I had to get the kids up and dresses to go to my husbands baseball game.It was a hot day out at the park,I'd get a stray cloud for a couple minutes of shade,but the kids got to run around and have fun.I got some sunburn. We took our oldest to her dance class after the game and the rest of us walked around the shopping center,I found the new Anita Blake comic and that was a plus.I came home afterward to get a cat nap before I had to make dinner.The evening was nice,I watched Blood Ties and the new show on SciFi, Painkiller Jane,it stars the girl from Terminator 3.Has any one else watched it?That was my long day.How was your Sunday?

Before I forget,Heroes starts tonight,for all those who have been waiting.What's going to happen when Peter and Sylar face off?

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Sierra said...

LOL!! Um, should I feel guilty? :p

Hope you finally got some sleep!