Friday, April 13, 2007

Fantastic Fives

Fantastic Fives of Hot Erotic Romance Author Sasha White

Five phrases or words that describe you:

Stubborn as a goat.

Five people and/or things that inspire you

My Mom
My Past ( I remind myself of things I've fought to accomplish before, and achieved them, and that often gives me the courage to try more new things)
Movies (some)
Once a week: My trainer at the gym *grin*

Five of your favorite authors

Janet Evanovich (Only the Plum novels)
Kelley Armstrong
Kay Hooper
Beth Williamson
Alison Kent

Describe five of your heroes/heroines of your books in you eyes

LEXY SIGNORINO ~ Kick Ass private detective from THE CRIB in the Pure Sex anthology. She is one of my favorites. A tough-as-nails on the outside woman who holds family, and all it means, dear. She's tough, and protective, and she isn't completely moral when it comes to the law, but she is when it comes to wrong and right.
KANE MICHAELS _ The hero in SEX AS A WEAPON in The Cop anthology.
Hot, alpha male but in a very quiet confident way. Not In-your-face alpha. Just supremely confident sexy detective. Dresses in suits and tie, but that can;t hide the awesome build, especially well built thighs that make you want lick and nibble your way ....
JOE CARSON ~ From BOUND, Joe is a private security specialist, complete alpha dog who makes you feel like his private slut, and his precious princess at the same time. A man who knows when his woman craves a little dominance, and when she needs his gentleness.
MIA JONES ~ From Passion Play in LUSH. She's a funky independent woman with an artists soul who quits her day job to follow her dream of being a jewelry designer. Mia is the type of person who inspires whoever is around her to also go after what they want, be it a man, a job, or a dream.
VALENTINE WARD ~ TROUBLE will be released in August, and Val is the hero. He's a nightclub owner who grew up rough and worked for everything he has. Even though he's been burned by love once, he's smart enough to know when something is more than sexual - and to fight for it.

Five reasons to read your books

Hot sex,
Great characters
Real people problems.
They will take you away from your every day life for a few hours and make you feel great!
Did I mention the hot sex?

Read Something White Hot

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