Friday, May 25, 2007

Fantastic Fives on Anna Campbell

Hi Danette! Thanks for asking me to be a guest on your blog. I love the questions, especially the one about heroes and heroines. All my stories start with the characters, so that really struck a chord with me.

Five phrases or words that describe you:

Noisy (unfortunately!),
voracious reader,
humorous (I won't say funny - that might be pushing my luck),

Five people and/or things that inspire you:

my critique partner Annie West,
John Donne,
North and South (just watched it - fantastic!),
my father

Five of your favorite authors:

Loretta Chase,
Laura Kinsale,
Dorothy Dunnett,
Anne Stuart,
Jane Austen

Describe five of your heroes/heroines of your books in your eyes:

Justin Kinmurrie, the Duke of Kylemore, hero of CLAIMING THE COURTESAN - dark, sensual, passionate, sexy, haughty, smart, determined, tormented, desperately in love. Tall, dark, lean and very handsome with vivid blue eyes and a beak of a nose (I have a soft spot for big noses!).

Verity Ashton/Soraya, heroine of CLAIMING THE COURTESAN - a reluctant courtesan who is tormented, tragic, divided, loving, self-sacrificing, courageous, desperately in love against her deepest instincts. Beautiful enough to stop traffic. Looks like Olivia Hussey in the Zeffirelli version of ROMEO AND JULIET.

Matthew Lansdowne, Marquess of Sheene, hero of UNTOUCHED - brave, frighteningly intelligent, complex, strong through trials that would break most men, self-deprecating, heroic, principled, desperately in love (hmm, am I picking up a thread here?). Tall and lean with unusual golden eyes that express his deepest feelings.

Grace Paget, heroine of UNTOUCHED - beautiful, headstrong but able to learn from her mistakes, loyal, courageous, victim of circumstance, defiant, determined, empathetic, desperately in love, doesn't trust happy endings.
Small, slender, dark-haired with an aristocratic air that seems at odds with her poverty.

Olivia Raines, heroine of the as yet untitled third book for Avon - London's most notorious courtesan who finds herself against her will desperately (yeah, we know what's coming) in love with her latest lover, the infamous Earl of Erith. Clever, cynical, witty, sophisticated, beautiful, sexually adept, unconventional.

Five reasons to read your books:

They're dark and sensual.
They're different.
They're full of emotion and passion.
You'll get to meet some really interesting characters.
If you read my books, you'll make Avon and Anna Campbell happy ;-)

Anna x


TiffinaC said...

[waves] nice to talk to you again!!!!

er..this is tiff from the vagabonds...

Anyways, just stopping by to tell people, if you have not read this book read it! It's dark and so damn hot!!!! I'm looking forward to the next book come December... and hope you'll post a teaser soon!

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Tiff, my Vagabond buddy! Thanks for dropping by. Delighted you enjoyed CTC (we're heading into winter down here - hot sounds better even than usual!). Actually, sounding shamefully self-promoting, there's the blurb and an excerpt from my second book UNTOUCHED at:

Beth said...

Hi Anna,

Just wanted to stop by and say hi. Still loving your book and telling everyone I know to read it. Any chance you will be in the States any time soon? Well, actually the East Coast of the States? I would love to stop by and say hello. When is Untouched out?

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Beth! Nice to see you here. I'm in Dallas for RWA Nationals from 11th to 15th July if you're anywhere near there? They're doing a big signing event at Plano library on Thursday, 12th too, if that's easier for you. I'd love to meet you. Especially seeing you're nagging everyone you know to read my book (that deserves chocolate from the grateful author!). Untouched comes out in December which if it's like CTC means the end of November - whoo-hoo!

Caren Crane said...

Hi, Anna! So nice to see you guest blogging. I adore Loretta Chase, too! I think "Lord Of Scoundrels" was as close to a perfect romance as I've ever read. Oh, the glove scene in the cafe! Can't wait for the "Untouched". My purchase will make Avon very happy, I'm sure.*g*

Beth said...

I won't be in Dallas, too far this time but I think RWA is in DC in 2009 so I will go there, that is very close to me. I can so be bought with chocolate and I will be at the bookstore in December looking for your latest. I hope you are enjoying your success! I noticed a picture of Pamela Palmer on your website. She was at a signing at Nora Roberts' bookstore in April. I picked up her book ther and got it signed. I haven't read it yet but am looking forward to it. So do you think Untouched will cause as much a stir as your first book?

jo lewis-robertson said...

What great questions to really get to know Anna. What struck me is that John Donne (which everyone pronounces wrong, well, maybe just my students :-D) is on your list. He's my favorite poet, but then I'm partial to the metaphysical poets, anyway.

Anna Campbell said...

Caren, on behalf of Avon, can I thank you for your forthcoming purchase of Untouched? ;-) I agree with you about LOS being a masterpiece. I did my very first workshop a few days ago. It was about point of view and I used LOS as my readings because I think she handles POV better than anyone I know.

Beth, how disappointing you can't make Dallas (the States is so BIG!). San Fran is too far away but DC sounds just about right. Remind me to bring you some chocs when I come!

Pam Palmer's book is a beauty. Definitely read it. I was up to the wee small hours finishing it - one of the creepiest villains I've ever read.

I had to laugh on the stir question. Um, I didn't know my first book was going to cause the stir my first book did ;-) I think there are some interesting and different elements in book two (it's a dark fairytale, sort of a combination of Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty) but I doubt it they'll be quite as controversial. But don't ask me! I clearly know zip!

Jo, another Donne fan (we say Dun down here - is that what you teach your students?)! How cool! Sexiest writer in the world, I think. There's one where he's undressing his mistress and he's likening her to countries in the new world. Sigh. I'd love some gorgeous man to call me his America or his New Found Land! Um, as long as he doesn't say I've got a butt as big as Australia! Or a nose that looks like Florida.

Christine Wells said...

Hey, I'd say you're hilarious, Anna! Another reason to read your books is that they're so heart-stoppingly beautifully written. Argh, too many adverbs! But I'm one of the lucky ones to have read Anna's next oeuvre, Untouched, and I can promise that her fans won't be disappointed. LOVED it!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Christine, I'll give you chocolate too.

And I'm not just saying this because she was nice about my books, but Christine's debut SCANDAL'S DAUGHTER is fantastic.

By the way, you only think I'm hilarious when I've made you have a couple of glasses of champagne!

Sandra Barkevich said...

Oh! What fantastic questions and even better answers! Anna, I'm totally in love with both of your heroes. *Sigh* I am suuuuuch a sucker for the dark, tortured type. They fall so hard. (And I love, love, LOVE their names! SEXY!)

I just ordered my airline tickets to Dallas. Can't wait to get together!

Sandy :-)
Sandra Barkevich - Romance Author
*May 26, 2007 at Sandra's Goings On - Guest Blogger, Tawny Weber ~ Double Dare

Tawny said...

Anna - great info on the inner workings of your mind LOL... are you offering champagne?

Love the questions and insightful answers! What a great "getting to know you" blog.

Kathryn S said...

I'm chiming in as a member of the Anna Campbell fan club! Although, I have trouble thinking of you as noisy, Anna! lol.

Anna Campbell said...

Tawny, if you promise to find me as hilarious as CW after she imbibes a bit, I will definitely buy you champagne! Thanks for popping over and commenting.

Kate, you lovely thing! Great to see you here.

Sandy, they were great questions, weren't they? Really brought forward some different answers. Danette, kudos! Looking forward to seeing you in Dallas too. And anyone who doesn't know Sandy's site, she does a great blog which is well worth checking out.

Authorness said...

Totally agree with Christine on UNTOUCHED. It's un-put-downable. And Anna's always fun to be around.

Great questions!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna!

North and South? With the darkly handsome Richard Armitage? He portrays a great tortured hero but I guess you already know that since you specialize in tortured heroes;)

And speaking of tortured, I can't wait til Untouched comes out. Have already pre-ordered it on amazon.

All the best!

Trish Milburn said...

Hey, Anna. I loved North and South too. I actually visited Boone Hall, which is the plantation in South Carolina where they filmed chunks of that mini-series. Very pretty place. I need to watch N&S again.

Anna Campbell said...

Authorness, aren't you lovely? Thank you!

Jen, honestly I was gobsmacked when I saw RA. Just the way he looked at the heroine was how Kylemore would have looked at Verity. Christine was so right. But then, she always is, isn't she?

Trish, didn't realize N&S was filmed in America. Guess you've got great Victorian architecture over there! I think the train station was Keighley in Yorkshire which runs vintage steam trains to Haworth, the Bronte village. Got such a thrill taking a Victorian train to the place where my writing heroines lived. Really got me in the mood!

Anonymous said...


I'd never seen RA before watching N&S. He definitely nailed the dark and brooding bit.

Any actors come to mind for your h/h in Untouched?


danetteb said...

Hi Everyone,
I want to say thank you all for being here today. Anna is such a sweet lady and it is a treat that she agreed to guest blog......Thanks for the compliments on the questions,I feel that they bring out the author and her characters,just reading about Matthew and Grace has me anxiously awaiting Untouched.
Hugs, Danette

Caren said...

No, No, Trish. It's a *different* North & South. Nothing to do with the Civil War at all. *g* I found this out by knowing way too many historical romance authors. The one they are referring too is set in Britain and it is supposedly fabulous. Sabrina said she got it on DVD, so I may finally get to watch it!

Anonymous said...


I can't remember where it was in CTC, but it was dark and sexy (oh wait, that's the whole book!) and you were describing their emotions in terms of music. Very powerful, and made me think of your love of classical music!

Great post, as always!


Anna Campbell said...

Anyone who doesn't know the Romance Bandits, the group blog I belong to, they're giving away prizes in honor of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Free stuff is always good so pop by. It's the blog under the most current one now called Pirates, Book Covers and Free Stuff. Pretty explanatory, I think! Good luck!

Anna Campbell said...

Inara, I'll have to search out the music bit. I must admit because music is so important to me, it's a metaphor I often use, although I'm yet to write a love scene where she comes to a symphonic climax with cymbals and then closes blissfully on a perfect cadence ;-)

Hmm, like the dark sexy description. Do you want a job as my publicist?

Kim Howe said...


Great interview! Although I'm shocked to hear that you consider yourself "loud"...the girl I know is so demure. :)

Everyone should read CTC and unlock the secrets of the dark hero Justin!

Keep up the great work.


Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Kim! Thanks for popping over. And for the plug on CTC. If anyone can bear finding out more about my loud self, Kim did a wonderful interview with me that talks a lot about the book. I'm putting it up on my website in the next few days in the articles section. In the meantime, you can find the interview on

Anna Campbell said...

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who popped over to comment and to everyone who read the blog. And another HUGE THANK YOU to Danette for asking me over. What a fun day I've had!

Anna x

Larissa Ione said...

Hi Anna--great interview! :) I've been DYING to read this book. And the cover is gorgeous. Congratulations...on the cover and on all the buzz! *g*

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Larissa. Thanks for popping by. And congratulations right back at ya for all the publishing success!